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Ok so here goes with my latest research, I’m going to stick to the facts and you can then make your own mind on weather Capital Alternatives and their subsidiaries are boiler rooms or not.

Fact 1 – Capital Alternatives are prepared to offer 35% commission to any agent or broker that sells their projects.

Fact 2 – Their marketing manager is happy to pay for names and number of potential clients and leads with no questions asked.

Fact 3 – They are based in 76 – 80 City Road along with “The Capital Organisation” who were previously called “Room to Invest” with the director Renwick Haddow now struck off. Many other of their offshoots are also based here.

Fact 4 – According to their Marketing manager Renwick Haddow is a consultant

Fact 5 – Their sole director has nearly 150 Directorships and can be paid a fee to become a director.

Fact 6 – Not one of their current projects has ever paid a return

Fact 7 – They have fallen out with African Land over a dispute with their project

Fact 8 – They also have Capital Wine, Capital Mint, Capital Carbon, Alternative Confidential, MH Trustees, The Capital Organisation, Premier Alternatives and various other formats in UAE and Australia

Fact 9 – Capital Alternatives share a director with Alternative Confidential the consumer champion which has an agreement in place not to discuss or report on any Capital Alternative project which would suggest they are not impartial.

Fact 10 – Renwick Haddow started his career in Penny Shares and unregulated stock on the AIM market. He is now married to Marcia Hargous director of some of the companies listed above.

The above are all facts and ill keep digging make your own mind up as to whether you would part with your money!

Monetary Loss: $100.

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These guys are now in Dubai under the name of Hawkesbury Product Consulting -


Re Hawkesbury Product Consulting - would you kindly confirm to the best of your knowledge this company really is Haddow & Hargous? Kind regards



30% is a tad extravagant, may be to a 3rd party but as a broker you will only get 10% so if the first FACT written is not actually a fact how many of the others are also false statements?


Chancery Division of the High Court, Rolls Building, Fetter Lane, London.



Tuesday, 16 July 2013


HC13F02624 The Financial Conduct Authority v Capital Alternatives Ltd & others.

The others are:

The Capital Organisation Ltd, Capital Secretarial Ltd, Capital Admin Ltd, MH Trustees Ltd, African Land Ltd, Regency Capital Ltd and Reforestation Projects Ltd (formerly Capital Carbon Credits Ltd),


Renwick Haddow, Marcia Hargous, David William Waygood, Richard Henstock, Robert McKendrick, Mark Ayres and Mark Gibbs