these *** artists are now in Dubai under the name of Hawkesbury Product Consulting!

Good luck to them in the UAE - This scam will be uncovered and they will be sent to prison in dubai! They are a scam - they do not pay returns - the owner Renwick owns African Land - this is not a company either - do some research.

Phone bashers in the office calling to make appointments to sell the scam - they never get paid a basic salary some are still waiting. Manager in dubai has a criminal history and is not on a visa

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London, London, United Kingdom #902408

Kristan Gander trains his brokers 'parrot fashion'. Along with Maria Barnard (his latest ceo flame) they prey on very young unemployed men who have a good telephone voice.

Nobody has ever been employed by him for more than a couple of months. He is capable of brainwashing both his employees and clients.

Once the money is in, he vacates his latest 'office' (usually a rented house), gets rid of any current sales staff and disappears leaving no forwarding contact details. SHOULD BE AVOIDED AT ALL COSTS.

London, England, United Kingdom #788317

They are a nasty bunch of ***.their brokers haven't a clue what they are instructed to do by their bosses. I would personally like to torture those *** and enjoy watching them suffer terrible pain.

They robbed my unsuspecting Mum of £100k. Silly girl who has only love for people didn't for a moment reallise that not all people are honest.what now?

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